Public Markets

Public markets refer to financial markets where securities are bought and sold by individuals and institutional investors. These markets provide a platform for the trading of financial instruments that are available to the general public. Public markets play a central role in the financial world. Here are some key terms:

  1. Stock Market: Trading venue for buying and selling stocks.

  2. Bond Market: Trading platform for buying and selling bonds.

  3. ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund): Fund traded on exchanges that tracks an index.

  4. Liquidity: Easy buying and selling of assets without significant price changes.

  5. Market Capitalization: Total value of a company's outstanding shares.

  6. Dividend: Distribution of profits to shareholders.

  7. Stock Broker: Professional executing trade orders on the stock exchange floor.

  8. Volume: Total number of traded assets.

These terms provide insight into the dynamics of public markets and are crucial for investors engaging in stocks, bonds, and other publicly traded assets.

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